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Estate Planning and Administration

On behalf of our clients, we often provide estate planning advice and assist them with any questions or guidance they may need in arranging for the distribution of their assets. In addition, we represent clients on estate matters and oversee the probate of wills and the administration of a deceasedís estate. Our assistance includes making all necessary applications to the Surrogate’s Court, gathering and marshalling all assets, resolving any issues which may exist between distributes and finalizing the distribution of those assets. We also work with our overseas correspondent law partners to assist us in marshalling any assets which exist around the world and making all appropriate applications to any ancillary jurisdiction as required.

We also provide representation of foreign estates in New York requiring the probate or administration of assets here. Having fluency in Greek, Peter Moulinos also has created a nice practice of working with correspondent law partners in Greece to oversee the marshalling and administration of Greek estate assets located in New York.


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