Decision After Trial Awards Clients Over $1.1 Million Against Sellers Refusing to Close on Purchase of a Home Based on Discrimination

On January 10, 2024, the Hon. Robin K. Sheares of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Kings, awarded our clients, Plaintiffs Rajiv Sheth and Dipa Amin (“the Plaintiffs”) who are of Hindu descent, damages in the sum of $1,150,889.03 in an action brought for specific performance of a residential real estate contract and for discriminatory conduct by two of the defendants pursuant to NYC Human Rights Law §8-107 for refusing to proceed with the sale of the property to our clients based on the race, origin and religion of the Plaintiffs.

After the Plaintiffs entered into a contract of sale for the purchase of a home in Brooklyn, New York, two of the defendants (“the Defaulting Defendants”) refused to proceed with the sale of the property to the Plaintiffs because they perceived the Plaintiffs to be muslim.  After our firm filed a lawsuit seeking to compel all the Defendants to proceed to sell the property to the Plaintiffs, the Defaulting Defendants appeared in the action through counsel but failed to properly defend the allegations of discrimination. Accordingly, the Court entered a judgment appointing a receiver to sell the property to the Plaintiffs and scheduled a trial to determine the damages which the Defaulting Defendants were obligated to pay the Plaintiffs.

After testimony was elicited at trial, the Court decided to award Mr. Sheth and Ms. Amin $500,000.00 each for the discrimatory and unlawful conduct of the Defaulting Defendants, plus attorneys fees and monetary damages.  You can view a copy of the Decision After Trial by Clicking Here.


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