Successful Defense at Attorney Fee Hearing Results in Opposing Counsel’s Fees Being Reduced by More Than 40%

In the action of Valenti v. Going Grain Inc., our office defended an application by opposing counsel seeking to obtain attorney fees on behalf of a Plaintiff. After we vacated the referee’s prior decision awarding attorneys fees to Plaintiff’s counsel, a further hearing was held before Judge Lynn R. Kotler to determine the amount of attorney fees entitled to Plaintiff.

After a hearing was held over a period of two (2) days, Judge Kotler reduced the attorneys fees sought by Plaintiff’s counsel by more than 40%. Read the decision by clicking the link below.

Decision and Order June 5, 2020

The action is cited as Valenti v. Going Grain Inc., filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, bearing index #155293/12.


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