Tiffany & Co Succeeds in Trademark Infringement

Moulinos & Associates LLC, is a boutique law firm handling legal matters ranging from the typical to the most novel. Peter Moulinos, the founder and managing partner of the firm. Admitted to practice law since 1994, Mr. Moulinos has significant experience in the areas of real estate law, commercial law, contracts, commercial and residential real estate, estate planning and administration, litigation and dispute resolution, business formation and construction law.

Our firm has obtained notable decisions and outcomes for his clients in both the lower courts and the appellate courts in the State of New York. We have handled an uncountable amount of transactions in the areas of residential real estate, commercial real estate and business transactions.

Our clients rely on the trust and confidence which we provide them. They enjoy working one on one with our team and always have full knowledge of the status of their file and specific situation at every point during our relationship. We are deeply committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients and to see them flourish.

We believe in forming a relationship with our client that is based not only what we can do for our client today, but for the long term.

Our representation has included prominent individual members of the business community in New York, entertainment figures as well as US and foreign corporations. We also represent many cooperative and condominium buildings in New York providing them with general counsel, advice and representing them in legal actions brought on behalf and against board members. We have also represented individuals who possess novel cases in areas of law within which we practice.


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